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Our Russian Language Courses and Cultural Courses

Russian as a Foreign Language

We offer different types of Russian language courses - click on a course title for more information about that course.
A Globus Russian Language Course in progress

  • Russian for Expats - Russian Language courses specially designed for business executives living in or planning to relocate to Moscow / St. Petersburg
  • Corporate Russian Courses / Executive Russian Course - Tailor-made language training for employees in-house in Moscow and St. Petersburg or at our own Moscow Language Centre
  • Russian Business Etiquette Course - Providing students with a basic understanding of Russian mentality, culture and etiquette is a must for anyone doing business in Russia.

  • Standard Group Course in Russian - Consisting of twenty hours per week, this course is run in Mini Groups with a maximum of 4 students /course, fewer than in any other language schools in St Petersburg and Moscow. Courses run for a minimum of 2 weeks, however the flexibility of the course allows students to choose a length of study to suit them. Each participant completes an initial assessment test to determine their current ability and will be placed on a course suitable for their needs.
  • One-to-One Russian Course -The student completes a needs analysis form to identify reasons for learning Russian and goals of the Individual Course. The student and teacher work together to build a study plan according to the student’s interest and needs.
  • TRKI Exam Course €“- The course prepares students for the Test of Russian as a Foreign Language (TRKI) state exam. The exam demands a command of the Russian language suitable for university studies in Russia. The TRKI is endorsed by the Russian Federal Ministry of Education for entry to university courses and can be sat in the Russian State University. We offer weekly classes throughout the year for the three TRKI levels: B1, B2, C1. (for more information, see Levels we teach to).
  • Introduction into Russian Life and Culture -These series of lectures are HELD IN ENGLISH with the introduction of useful Russian phrases and are aimed at staff of foreign companies, their spouses and families who have relocated to Russia as well as anybody else who wants to find out more about Russian life and culture.


    1. Acquaint first-time travelers to Russia with the current economic, political and cultural situation in the country.
    2. Familiarise foreigners with the particulars of Russian communication and give advice on how to avoid and cope with difficult situations.
    3. Present information on Russian cultural traditions, Moscow or St.Petersburg daily life and character traits that will help in both business situations and everyday interactions with Russians.
    4. The courses are designed for people living in Moscow and St Petersburg and can be combined with our Russian for Expats language courses.

Please have a look at our Terms and Conditions and then proceed to our Registration Form once you have decided which course is for you. We also have our Russian Weekend Course in Bogdarnya available and a table showing the Levels that we teach to.




Course comparisons (Prices for 2017 in RUR):


Course type

Weekly lessons


Levels offered

Start date

Minimum length

Prices (Moscow)

Prices (St.Petersburg)

Russian for Expats

For more information about our courses click here

Corporate/ Executive: In-company training (at the client’s offices)

Any hours

Any time


At any time

1 week

from 1.210 RUR/ lesson

from 900 RUR / lesson

Russian Business Etiquette Course

1-4 lessons

or as agreed


At any

12 lessons covering all 3 modules

1.210 RUR /


Standard Group Course




See below

2 weeks

12.100 RUR / week

9.400 RUR / week

One-to-One Course

15, 20, 24

Mornings or afternoons


Every week

1 week

1.210 RUR/ 1.089 RUR/ 1.053 RUR /lesson

900 RUR/820 RUR/ 780 RUR/ lesson

Total Immersion One-to-one Course


Mornings and afternoons


Every week

1 week

1.070 RUR/1.030 RUR/ lesson

740 RUR/ 700 RUR/ lesson

TRKI Preparation Course


Mornings and afternoons


Every week

1 week

1.210 RUR / lesson

900 RUR / lesson

Introduction into Russian Life & Culture

2 to 10

any time


At any time

2 lessons

1.570 RUR / lesson

1.100 RUR / lesson


One lesson = 45 minutes

Note: Prices shown above for the Standard Group Course are for Mini Groups with a maximum of 4 students based on a minimum of 3 students per course.

Note: Discounted prices for larger closed groups are available on request.

Non-Refundable Booking Fee: 4.000 RUR per person

*Prices are lower if a student takes a course of more than 7 weeks. For details check Standard Group Course.

Accommodation Prices**

Accommodation type

Fee per week (Moscow)


Additional day (Moscow)


Fee per week (St.Petersburg)


Additional day (St.Petersburg)


Home stay, single room, half board

11.200 RUR

1.750 RUR

9.900 RUR

1.450 RUR

Shared flat, single room no board

on request

Full week only

on request

Full week only


Please contact us for details


**Accommodation prices are for indication only - please contact us for a firm quote.

Prices are subject to change.