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Russian Business Etiquette Course


“Russia – is a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma”  (Churchill)

The biggest, most billionaire-heavy country in Europe.  The perfect place for  doing business.

Are you ready to deal with your Russian partners?  Do you know how to negotiate and succeed in Russia? How to behave during social events? How to react when being invited to visit their homes and what to bring as a present? How to avoid conflicts and ambiguous situations? How to be a perfect leader for your Russian team?  How to behave during social talk and avoid “conversation killers”?  What to wear in different situations?

It is essential for each newcomer to know some basic idea of Russian Business Etiquette. It is vital to know the “do’s and don’ts” while doing business in Russia and communicating with your Russian Business Partners.

Globus International has devised a special course that will teach everything you need to master Russian Business Etiquette.  It will help you to understanding the “mysterious Russian soul” and moreover to get to know some of the peculiarities of the controversial Russian character which is so important in the business sphere. During our course you will experience the atmosphere of negotiations and to try yourself to resolve conflict situations, to make conversation during business lunches and dinners. You will also learn about the art of informal negotiations which are so important to Russian business people and how to make an impression on your business partner using some simple hints which will help you to be successful.

Having a basic understanding into Russian mentality, culture and etiquette is the key for anyone doing business in Russia.


The duration of course:                12 LESSONS (1 lesson = 45 minutes)

3 x Saturday Sessions – 4 lessons each plus coffee break (or time of your choosing)

1st Module - (4 lessons) – Introductory (Cross Cultural Aspects)

1.       Some Historical facts about Russia

2.       Life after  the fall of “Iron Curtain” (Why do people behave this way)

3.       Post Soviet syndrome –impact on the Modern Russian Business World

4.       Russian Business Sphere – general feedback.

2nd Module - (4 lessons) – Specific Business Etiquette

1.       Peculiarities of  Russian personality  (You MUST know it – body language, gestures, intonation)

2.       Meetings and Greetings

3.       Leading of Negotiations

4.       Social events

5.       Dress Code

6.       Entertaining in the Business Sphere

3rd Module - (3-4 lessons) – Role Plays and Case Studies

1.       Deep analysis of negotiations

2.       How to avoid conflict (what to do, how to behave)

3.       Some manipulation elements

4.       Role play – Informal Negotiations

COURSE FEES:  1,210 rub / lesson

Students do not have to take the full course but can selected the Module that is most of interest to them.


This depends on the student. I can be either:
  •  Completely in Russian or English
  •  A mixture of Russian an English

  •  Mainly in English but with some "Survival Phrases" in Russian