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Learn Russian in Russian with our Standard Group Course

For information on other foreign languages we teach, please contact us or go to www.globus-int.ru.

The Standard Course aims to familiarise students with basic grammar structures and vocabulary patterns to equip individuals with the language needed for situations one might encounter everyday in Russia.

The Russian language courses are taught in Mini Groups with a maximum of 4 students per group. Smaller groups give greater flexibility of course content to suit the needs of the individual, whilst increased teacher contact allows individual difficulties to be identified and remedied efficiently throughout the course. On a personal level, students feel happier to get involved and talk freely without feeling inhibited, so that confidence gains rapidly from day one.

Each participant completes an initial assessment test to determine their current ability and will be placed on a course suitable for their needs.

Each Russian course runs for a minimum of two weeks, but students can extend their course for as long as they wish.


Note: Course dates are for information only. Please contact us for availability of courses at the dates shown as well as for courses run outside these dates. Prices shown below are based on a minimum of 2 students per course. Beginners should be familiar with the Cyrillic Alphabet.


Students studying for longer than four weeks will build on the foundations studied in the first month, examining more complex structures of grammar and expanding their vocabulary to speak with greater proficiency. Over the course students will be able to handle real-life situations with increasing competence and confidence. 

Lessons start at 10.00 and finish at 13.30. Coffee break is from 11.30 ‘til 12.00.

Standard Group Course Fees 2017 (in RUR)


Course Type

Lessons per week

Fee per week (Moscow)

Fee per week (St.Petersburg)

 2 - 7 weeks


  12.100 RUR

  9.000 RUR

1 lesson = 45 minutes

Prices for courses of more than 7 weeks duration and for larger "Closed Groups" are available on request.

Non-Refundable Booking Fee: 4.000 RUR per person

Fees include: Tuition and teaching materials, course certificate, internet access and orientation tour.

Accommodation Prices for 2017

Accommodation type

Fee per week (Moscow)

Additional day (Moscow)

Fee per week (St.Petersburg)


Additional day (St.Petersburg)


Home stay, single room, half board

 11.200 RUR     

 1.750 RUR

 9.900 RUR

 1.450 RUR

Shared flat, single room no board

 on request

Full week only

 on request

Full week only


Please contact us for details


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