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Introduction into Russian Life and Culture - featuring Moscow

To give you maximum flexibility you can select to have a varied number of lessons (minimum 2) covering the topics in different depths and intensity.

Life in Moscow     (2-6 lessons*)                      

Moscow is an international city and the Eastern European heart of many business operations for multi-national corporations as well as being the headquarters for most Russian companies. Life in Moscow will provide a guide on not only how to live and survive but also how to thrive in this metropolitan capital. This includes essential information on Russian etiquette and traditions as well as public transport, sports, shopping and how to avoid conflicts.

After these lectures you will know more about:

  • Norms of behavior in society ( how to ask time, place etc);
  • Restaurants (names, fees, types of dishes);
  • Types of transport, prices;
  • Multi-religious Moscow;
  • Culture (names, patronymic names, greetings, holidays);
  • Traditional Russian dishes, recipes;
  • Sport in Russia (kinds of sport);
  • Shops (types of shops, the most popular shops, names of food, approximate prices).

Russian Culture     (2-10 lessons*)                           

Russia from the past to present: a new world outlook and search for a place in the New Global Village. The current state of Russian culture: discovery and loss. Creation and destruction in the world of Russian art: from icons to “Black Square”. Dostoevsky and the paradoxes of Russian consciousness.

After these lectures you will know more about Russian culture:

  • Traditional and modern behavior;
  • Religious and nationalities in Russia;
  • Russian literature;
  • Cinema, theatre, music, Russian classic music, national and modern music;
  • Traditions and customs: Russian traditions, holidays, traditional food and drinks.

Business Culture    (2-6 lessons*)                                      

Business Russian-style: the economic situation in post-Perestroika Russia. The Rules of Russian interaction. Russian business etiquette, traditions and manners. How to conduct oneself so as to avoid conflict and how to expect the unexpected in business relations. Gestures and body language in Russian life.

After these lectures you will know more about business culture:

  • Making appointments;
  • Business dress;
  • Business conversation (details);
  • How to address others with respect;
  • How to present gifts;
  • What you should know before negotiating;
  • Entertaining for business success;
  • Public behavior

Virtual Moscow    (2-6 lessons)                             

A tour of Moscow through the centuries. Hear the stories of the people behind the city’s buildings, parks and heritage, from Ivan the Terrible to Joseph Stalin, from Pushkin to Bulgarkov. Learn more about famous sites such as the Kremlin and lesser known areas where you can escape the city’s bustle. A real life tour is available on request.          

After these lectures you will know more about historical Moscow:

  • The most famous museums and exhibitions;
  • Monasteries and cathedrals;
  • Rest and entertainment parks, squares, streets, famous buildings and palaces, their history and the famous people who lived there;
  • Moscow metro, it’s history, Art of metro stations;
  • Shops in Moscow ( kinds of shops, names etc);
  • Hotels (names, how to book rooms, fees);
  • Places of entertainment (restaurants, clubs, cinemas, skiing resorts, theatres etc).

*1 lesson = 45 minutes

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