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TRKI Preparation Course

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TRKI exam

This is the Test of Russian as a Foreign Language state exam. The exam demands a command of the Russian language suitable for university studies in Russia. The TRKI is endorsed by the Russian Federal Ministry of Education for entry onto university courses and can be sat in the Russian State University


is the Intermediate Level of Russian. Students can discuss a variety of cultural, social and professional topics. Qualification from the TRKI-1 allows enrollment onto courses in Russian Universities.


certifies an upper Intermediate level of competency in all areas of language. The TRKI-2 certificate is required for enrollment onto Bachelor's and Master's degrees following graduation from Russian higher educational institutions

Why prepare for the TRKI at Globus Worldwide? 

  • Globus teaching groups are small. In State educational institutions courses are often run in larger, less personal groups. The student can also combine the Standard Course and the TRKI Exam Course to focus on the needs of the individual.
  • The TRKI Exam Course consists of fifteen individual lessons per week. The students can then supplement their learning with individual tuition if required.

TRKI Exam Course Fees 2017 (in roubles)


Course type

Lessons per week

Fee per week (Moscow)

Fee per week (St.Petersburg)

Fee per one lesson (Moscow)

Fee per one lesson (St.Petersburg)

Individual TRKI exam course


18.150 RUR

13.500 RUR

1210 RUR

900 RUR


1 lesson = 45 minutes

Non-Refundable Booking Fee: 4.000 RUR per person

Fees include: Tuition and teaching materials, course certificate, internet access and orientation tour.

Accommodation Prices for 2017

Accommodation type

Fee per week (Moscow)

Additional day (Moscow)

Fee per week (St.Petersburg)


Additional day (St.Petersburg)


Home stay, single room, half board

 11.200 RUR     

 1.750 RUR

 9.900 RUR

 1.450 RUR

Shared flat, single room no board

 on request

Full week only

 on request

Full week only


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