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Impressions of Moscow ...a survival guide by one of our recent teachers


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You have to see to believe it? Wise words, or romantic rubbish? To the untrained eye, Moscow is a complete enigma. Time is the only way to fully grasp the endless contradictions of this twisted city. Day in, day out, you are left scratching your head, utterly perplexed about what just happened, desperate to find out answers. But there are no answers, and that is exactly what makes Moscow so unique.

Russian fatalism is a cultural characteristic. They accept things for the way they are, never question things they cannot change, just get on with their lives without complaining. This is just the first stage in a long journey of cultural adaptation. This is where most expats are broken. Instead of adapting to Russian culture, they seek a comfortable life surrounding themselves with homely comforts. They drink in expat bars, talk only to foreigners and reject anything that is Russian. You need an open mind to survive in Moscow, and a lot of patience. But for those that do survive, the rewards are mind-blowing. Please choose a section from the list below for more information: