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St. Petersburg Information

In 2003, St. Petersburg celebrated its 300th anniversary. The Russian emperor Peter the Great and the city’s first governor, Alexander Menshikov, decided to make St. Petersburg the new capital of Russia, which would not pale in comparison with any other European capital in its splendor and importance.  Due to its marvelous architecture and breathtaking views St. Petersburg is usually called Paris of the East and Northern Venice or Northern Palmyra. It is one of the world’s leading cities in terms of its number of rivers, islands and bridges. It is built on 42 islands; it has over 300 bridges and 69 rivers and canals.

Catherine's Palace
Since its foundation, Petersburg has been a city of myths and mystery. You will struggle to find a city that is so young, yet clothed in so many fascinating stories and legends. The city’s unique history is not only reflected in numerous rumors and kept alive by the destiny of people gazing though time from old portraits. The whole intricate development of St. Petersburg is embodied in its palaces and cathedrals, park ensembles, streets and houses.